*The Chronicles of Ikros may not be suitable for all audiences, due to some strong language and periods of graphic violence.  Parental guidance is suggested.  This story would most likely recieve a


Within this page can be found that which is called The Chronicles of Ikros, a narrative comprised of books, each containing many chapters.  Though each chapter is not long enough to be considered a chapter in the traditional sense, they are named so due to their niche in the grand scheme of things.  However, every chapter is fully illustrated, which will make up for any lack of descriptions.

The Chronicles of Ikros follow our hero, Garalt, the newest knight under the good King Ulmerad.  He will travel through many locations and meet many strange, interesting, and dangerous individuals.  Mystery and intrigue hide behind every curve.  Tread lightly, and look well, for the future can sometimes be found in the present and in the past. 

Book I

Black Prophecies


Chapter 1:  The First Time for Everything

Chapter 2:  The Paladins of Karkos

Chapter 3:  The Siege of Halcyon Castle

Chapter 4:  Escape from Venorian Forest

Chapter 5:  Corincia, the Mercenary Capitol

Chapter 6:  Fall from Grace

Chapter 7:  Ulmerad, the Warrior King

Chapter 8:  The Battle at the River Laquos

Chapter 9:  In the Shadow of Death

Chapter 10: The Arrival

    Book II

Voices of the Past

Chapter 11: The Journey Begins

Chapter 12: The Letter

Chapter 13: The Trial of the Triark

Chapter 14: The Paladin Way

Chapter 15: A Soldier Reborn

Chapter 16: Hidden from Time

Chapter 17: The Search for the Stone

Chapter 18: The Jackal's Redemption

Chapter 19: The Hand of Darkness

Chapter 20: To a Land Far Away

    Book III

Return of the Four

Chapter 21: Trapped and Bound

Chapter 22: An Ancient Society

Chapter 23: The Babble Chalice

Chapter 24: Awakening Feud

Chapter 25: Storm on the Horizon

Chapter 26: Power Overwhelming

Chapter 27: Deep Blue Sea

Chapter 28: Stronger than Steel

Chapter 29: Small Packages

Chapter 30: Army of the Three

    Book IV

Shadows in the Dark

Chapter 31: Home No More

Chapter 32: Confront the Shadows

Chapter 33: Death Passes None

Chapter 34: Friends Lost but Not Forgotten

Chapter 35: The Battle of the Gastiel

Chapter 36: Strings of the Puppeteer

Chapter 37: Something to Lose

Chapter 38: Sins Revealed

Chapter 39: Wars End

Chapter 40: The Final Siege